Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Ptex::FaceInfoInformation about a face, as stored in the Ptex file header
PtexTexture::InfoGet most commonly used info in a single call for convenience / efficiency
PtexFilter::OptionsChoose filter options
PtexCacheFile-handle and memory cache for reading ptex files
PtexErrorHandlerCustom handler interface redirecting Ptex error messages
PtexFaceDataPer-face texture data accessor
PtexFilterInterface for filtered sampling of ptex data files
PtexInputHandlerCustom handler interface for intercepting and redirecting Ptex input stream calls
PtexMetaDataMeta data accessor
PtexPtr< T >Smart-pointer for acquiring and releasing API objects
PtexTextureInterface for reading data from a ptex file
PtexWriterInterface for writing data to a ptex file
Ptex::ResPixel resolution of a given texture
Ptex::StringMemory-managed string

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