Ptex::FaceInfo Struct Reference

Information about a face, as stored in the Ptex file header. More...

#include <Ptexture.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { flag_constant = 1, flag_hasedits = 2, flag_nbconstant = 4, flag_subface = 8 }

Flag bit values (for internal use).

Public Member Functions

 FaceInfo ()
 Default constructor.
 FaceInfo (Res res_)
 FaceInfo (Res res_, int adjfaces_[4], int adjedges_[4], bool isSubface_=false)
EdgeId adjedge (int eid) const
 Access an adjacent edge id. The eid value must be 0..3.
int adjface (int eid) const
 Access an adjacent face id. The eid value must be 0..3.
bool isConstant () const
 Determine if face is constant (by checking a flag).
bool isNeighborhoodConstant () const
 Determine if neighborhood of face is constant (by checking a flag).
bool hasEdits () const
 Determine if face has edits in the file (by checking a flag).
bool isSubface () const
 Determine if face is a subface (by checking a flag).
void setadjfaces (int f0, int f1, int f2, int f3)
 Set the adjfaces data.
void setadjedges (int e0, int e1, int e2, int e3)
 Set the adjedges data.

Public Attributes

Res res
 Resolution of face.
uint8_t adjedges
 Adjacent edges, 2 bits per edge.
uint8_t flags
int32_t adjfaces [4]
 Adjacent faces (-1 == no adjacent face).

Detailed Description

Information about a face, as stored in the Ptex file header.

The FaceInfo data contains the face resolution and neighboring face adjacency information as well as a set of flags describing the face.

The adjfaces data member contains the face ids of the four neighboring faces. The neighbors are accessed in EdgeId order, CCW, starting with the bottom edge. The adjedges data member contains the corresponding edge id for each neighboring face.

If a face has no neighbor for a given edge, the adjface id should be -1, and the adjedge id doesn't matter (but is typically zero).

If an adjacent face is a pair of subfaces, the id of the first subface as encountered in a CCW traversal should be stored as the adjface id.

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