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PtexReader::TiledReducedFace Class Reference

#include <PtexReader.h>

Inheritance diagram for PtexReader::TiledReducedFace:
PtexReader::TiledFaceBase PtexReader::FaceData PtexFaceData

Public Member Functions

 TiledReducedFace (PtexReader *reader, Res resArg, Res tileresArg, TiledFaceBase *parentface, PtexUtils::ReduceFn reducefn)
 ~TiledReducedFace ()
virtual PtexFaceDatagetTile (int tile)
 Access a tile from the data block. More...
size_t memUsed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PtexReader::TiledFaceBase
 TiledFaceBase (PtexReader *reader, Res resArg, Res tileresArg)
virtual void release ()
 Release resources held by this pointer (pointer becomes invalid). More...
virtual bool isConstant ()
 True if this data block is constant. More...
virtual void getPixel (int u, int v, void *result)
 Read a single texel from the data block. More...
virtual void * getData ()
 Access the data from this data block. More...
virtual bool isTiled ()
 True if this data block is tiled. More...
virtual Ptex::Res tileRes ()
 Resolution of each tile in this data block. More...
virtual FaceDatareduce (PtexReader *, Res newres, PtexUtils::ReduceFn, size_t &newMemUsed)
Res tileres () const
int ntilesu () const
int ntilesv () const
int ntiles () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PtexReader::FaceData
 FaceData (Res resArg)
virtual ~FaceData ()
virtual Ptex::Res res ()
 Resolution of the texture held by this data block. More...

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from PtexReader::TiledFaceBase
Res _tileres
DataType _dt
int _nchan
int _ntilesu
int _ntilesv
int _ntiles
int _pixelsize
std::vector< FaceData * > _tiles
- Protected Attributes inherited from PtexReader::FaceData
Res _res

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from PtexReader::TiledFaceBase
size_t baseExtraMemUsed ()
virtual ~TiledFaceBase ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PtexFaceData
virtual ~PtexFaceData ()
 Destructor not for public use. Use release() instead. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 498 of file PtexReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TiledReducedFace()

PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::TiledReducedFace ( PtexReader reader,
Res  resArg,
Res  tileresArg,
TiledFaceBase parentface,
PtexUtils::ReduceFn  reducefn 

Definition at line 500 of file PtexReader.h.

◆ ~TiledReducedFace()

PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::~TiledReducedFace ( )

Definition at line 507 of file PtexReader.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTile()

PtexFaceData * PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::getTile ( int  tile)

Access a tile from the data block.

Tiles are accessed in v-major order.

Implements PtexFaceData.

Definition at line 1115 of file PtexReader.cpp.

References PtexReader::_pixelsize, AtomicCompareAndSwap(), PtexUtils::fill(), PtexReader::getData(), PtexFaceData::getData(), PtexFaceData::getTile(), and PtexFaceData::isConstant().

◆ memUsed()

size_t PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::memUsed ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ _parentface

TiledFaceBase* PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::_parentface

Definition at line 515 of file PtexReader.h.

◆ _reducefn

PtexUtils::ReduceFn* PtexReader::TiledReducedFace::_reducefn

Definition at line 516 of file PtexReader.h.

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