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PtexTriangleKernelIter Class Reference

Triangle filter kernel iterator (in texel coords) More...

#include <PtexTriangleKernel.h>

Public Member Functions

void apply (float *dst, void *data, DataType dt, int nChan, int nTxChan)
void applyConst (float *dst, void *data, DataType dt, int nChan)

Public Attributes

int rowlen
float u
float v
int u1
int v1
int w1
int u2
int v2
int w2
float A
float B
float C
bool valid
float wscale
float weight

Private Types

typedef void(* ApplyFn) (PtexTriangleKernelIter &k, float *dst, void *data, int nChan, int nTxChan)

Static Private Attributes

static ApplyFn applyFunctions [40]

Detailed Description

Triangle filter kernel iterator (in texel coords)

Definition at line 54 of file PtexTriangleKernel.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ApplyFn

typedef void(* PtexTriangleKernelIter::ApplyFn) (PtexTriangleKernelIter &k, float *dst, void *data, int nChan, int nTxChan)

Definition at line 76 of file PtexTriangleKernel.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

void PtexTriangleKernelIter::apply ( float *  dst,
void *  data,
DataType  dt,
int  nChan,
int  nTxChan 

Definition at line 65 of file PtexTriangleKernel.h.

References applyFunctions.

Referenced by PtexTriangleFilter::applyIter().

◆ applyConst()

void PtexTriangleKernelIter::applyConst ( float *  dst,
void *  data,
DataType  dt,
int  nChan 

Member Data Documentation

◆ A

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::A

◆ applyFunctions

PtexTriangleKernelIter::ApplyFn PtexTriangleKernelIter::applyFunctions
Initial value:
= {
ApplyN<uint8_t>, ApplyN<uint16_t>, ApplyN<PtexHalf>, ApplyN<float>,
Apply<uint8_t,1>, Apply<uint16_t,1>, Apply<PtexHalf,1>, Apply<float,1>,
Apply<uint8_t,2>, Apply<uint16_t,2>, Apply<PtexHalf,2>, Apply<float,2>,
Apply<uint8_t,3>, Apply<uint16_t,3>, Apply<PtexHalf,3>, Apply<float,3>,
Apply<uint8_t,4>, Apply<uint16_t,4>, Apply<PtexHalf,4>, Apply<float,4>,
ApplyN<uint8_t>, ApplyN<uint16_t>, ApplyN<PtexHalf>, ApplyN<float>,
ApplyS<uint8_t,1>, ApplyS<uint16_t,1>, ApplyS<PtexHalf,1>, ApplyS<float,1>,
ApplyS<uint8_t,2>, ApplyS<uint16_t,2>, ApplyS<PtexHalf,2>, ApplyS<float,2>,
ApplyS<uint8_t,3>, ApplyS<uint16_t,3>, ApplyS<PtexHalf,3>, ApplyS<float,3>,
ApplyS<uint8_t,4>, ApplyS<uint16_t,4>, ApplyS<PtexHalf,4>, ApplyS<float,4>,

Definition at line 77 of file PtexTriangleKernel.h.

Referenced by apply().

◆ B

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::B

◆ C

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::C

◆ rowlen

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::rowlen

◆ u

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::u

◆ u1

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::u1

◆ u2

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::u2

◆ v

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::v

◆ v1

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::v1

◆ v2

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::v2

◆ valid

bool PtexTriangleKernelIter::valid

◆ w1

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::w1

◆ w2

int PtexTriangleKernelIter::w2

◆ weight

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::weight

◆ wscale

float PtexTriangleKernelIter::wscale

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