Download a Quicktime movie showing production models painted and rendered with Ptex (69M, JPEG encoding).

Download sample Ptex projects below. Each sample project includes a geometry obj file, a Renderman rib file, Renderman shaders, one or more ptex textures, and 512x512 image renders corresponding to the thumbnails shown below. (274K)
Utah Teapot (Catmull-Clark subd). (22M)
Stanford Bunny (Loop subd). (2.3M)
Cube w/ holes through center, rendered with displacement map (Catmull-Clark subd). (494K)
Catmull-Clark subd with fifteen quad faces and two triangle faces. (1.6M)
Catmull-Clark subd with single pentagon face. (263K)
Mesh with nine triangle faces mapped with 4x4 texels per face, rendered using point and gaussian filter. (534K)
Ptex cube maps reflected on a sphere.