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v2.0.0Nov 23, 2009Initial release
v2.0.22May 28, 2010Windows compatibility fixes, minor bug fixes
v2.0.29May 2, 2011Minor bug fixes. API change: added PtexPtr::reset method.
v2.0.30May 9, 2011Critical bug fix: threading crash when using multiple caches.
v2.0.33Dec 14, 2011Fixed crash when rendering triangle textures that have no stored mipmaps.
v2.0.37Apr 8, 2013Cmake support, compiler warnings, WIN32 export control.
v2.0.41Apr 9, 2013Limit I/O buffer size, avoid float/double conversion, remove LOD bias on bilinear filter, silence warnings.
v2.1.10Dec 8, 2015New cache architecture for better threading. New cache stats API. New edge filter mode for tangent-space maps. Optimizations.
v2.1.28Apr 4, 2016API: MetaData::findKey, const neighborhood check improvement, build/portability fixes.
v2.1.33Jan 24, 2018Security fix, build fixes.
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